YET4H Launches a Digital Health Webinar Series: Digital Health 101

To facilitate access to  knowledge, best practices and insights among Youth advocates and Youth-Led Organization to influence  digital health-related issues, YET4H has designed a Webinar Series to empower young people to take charge in digital health. The First of these interactive webinars  featured youth advocates, young professionals and other experts in the field of digital health as resource persons, with over 115 participants across the globe benefitting.

Dr. Enow A.G Stevens, one of the speakers, highlighted the benefits of digital health, including Increased access to healthcare, strengthened prevention, improved patient outcomes. He encouraged governments to  “invest in digital health interventions because of its potential benefits in achieving Universal Health Coverage”. He also added that “We know that the future of Health data governance needs young people’s voices”.

Shannon Thom, a speaker, also noted Digital Health Interventions are  Important to ensure improved coverage of Important health services like covid-19 vaccines as demonstrated in some jurisdictions during the Pandemic.  “Technology can become very specialized very quickly, making it hard for the public to understand. However, as end users, feedback from members of the public is critical to ensure good design” She added.

Look out for the next Webinar to engage with the selected speakers.