Who We Are


We are a community of young people building a movement to re-imagine health in a digital age. We believe by harnessing the power of technology we can deliver quality healthcare that is inclusive, equitable, and accessible to all.


Our Key Objectives:
●       Objective: Build a global activist youth movement that can represent the diversity of young people and facilitate the sharing of skills, knowledge, resources and meaningful youth engagement opportunities, in order to collectively create a more inclusive, equitable, and transformative digital health ecosystem.
●       Objective: Advocate for inclusive, equitable and youth-centred programs and policies within the global digital health agenda towards achieving Universal Health Coverage and health for all to ensure no one is left behind.


The Opportunity
●       Young people have a crucial role in decision-making processes, planning, development,  implementation and evaluation of digital health solutions.
●       Although historically underserved and under-represented, the youth constituency is an active and energised one, which wants to see positive, transformative, and sustainable change in the world around them.
●       This presents an opportunity to harness the immense potential of young people in transforming the future of healthcare through digital technologies and data to achieve Universal Health Coverage.
The Problem:
●       The universal digital divide continues to exclude marginalised and vulnerable individuals and groups, including young people, from the potential benefits and advantages of digital technology for health, limiting their abilities to fulfil essential health needs and rights.
●       In addition, young people, because of their age-vulnerability and dependencies, often do not have the resources, skills or opportunities to effectively organise and advocate for their health rights and wellbeing.
●       Much of current digital health and health systems innovation occurs on an ad-hoc basis without broad-scale youth input, limiting the opportunities for youth and the public at large to make informed decisions about the future direction of their healthcare.


●       We facilitate – connections and collaborations; cross-learning and capacity building; cross-movement and cross-regional dialogue
●       We interrogate –  current approaches, systems and narrative of digital health and data as the catalyst for achieving UHC
●       We advocate- new paradigms and innovative solutions that make digital health more inclusive and equitable.