Languages: English and Spanish

Key interests: Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, Digital Health and Meaningful Youth Engagement.

Relevant Experiences:

“Working on things related to sexual and reproductive health and rights, Comprehensive sexuality education, digital health, and meaningful youth engagement.

I coordinate my digital project, Sin Control Parental, and work in Fòs Feminista, the International Alliance for Sexual and Reproductive Health, Rights and Justice. I’m a Regional Youth Champion for the Governing Health Futures 2030 Commission and a former fellow of the International AIDS Society Young Leaders Program (2021) and SheDecides 25×25 Young Leaders Program (2019)”

Digital health story: At the end of 2019, I founded Sin Control Parental, a youth-led digital platform working on providing friendly information and counseling on sexual and reproductive health for youth and adolescents around Mexico. This was my formal entry into the digital health ecosystem and the work related to Digital CSE.

Fun trivia: I’m a plant lover, with more than 50 different species on my apt. I Love green.