Languages: Arabic and English

Key interests: Health Data Governance, Health Systems Strengthening, and Programs Implementation Research.

Relevant Experiences: Currently, I spend my days working at CRS supporting refugees in Egypt by conducting vulnerability assessment interviews and providing them with advising services. Even though I majored in Medicine and Surgery, I have always had a special interest in working with the Civil Society. It started in my locality when I co-founded an NGO with a vision to eliminate poverty and reduce health disparities, and continued on a global level with the IFMSA as a Policy Assistant. I’ve also worked with other organizations such as the Arab Medical Union and the European Resuscitation Council – primarily as a BLS instructor, helping people save lives!

Digital health story: When I was a medical student, I got a special interest in digital health. My academic life under the pandemic led me to start a data analysis scholarship offered by the Egyptian Ministry of Communication and Information Technology. Attending this track opened horizons in front of me on taming the power of data to save lives and make our populations healthier.

Fun trivia: You’d be surprised to know that I love to work in places with long commutes because they give me time to stay with my best friend (My kindle device). That’s what you’ll find me doing on my free time usually: Reading!