Email: miriam@yet4h.org

Languages: English and German and a little bit of Arabic and Danish.

Key interests: Talk to me about sustainability of digital health tools and solutions and integrating LGBT+ and youth issues into the digital health sphere.

Relevant Experiences: I have a background in health sciences and global health. Currently, I spend my days working on my master’s thesis around sustainability and scaling digital health solutions. In the past, I’ve worked for the German Development Agency advising the Ministry on global health policy issues concerning data and digital health.

Digital health story: I think the internet is a great space to find like-minded people and get access to information you wouldn’t get access to otherwise. Growing up in a very religious and conservative country such as Egypt was not always easy. But digital technologies made me feel connected and heard.

Fun trivia: You’d be surprised to know that until I was 16, I worked on a farm during all my school holidays, spending my time feeding calves and hanging out with cows. If it doesn’t work out with global health I think becoming a farmer would be a great career choice for me.. 10/10!